Mr. Derrick Elemu

2009 Trainee

Mr. Derrick Elemu joins the Johns Hopkins-Fogarty African Bioethics Training Program from Lusaka, Zambia, where he is a lecturer on research methods in social sciences at the University of Zambia. Mr. Elemu received a Bachelor’s degree in Developmental Studies and Economics from the University of Zambia, and obtained a Master’s degree in Developmental Studies, with specialization in Politics of Alternative Development Strategies, Alternative Research Methods and Gender from the Institute of Social Studies in the Netherlands.

Mr. Elemu is interested in strengthening the application of ethics in both social science and biomedical research practice in Zambia. He hopes that his training at Johns Hopkins will provide him with the knowledge and understanding necessary to develop a research ethics course at the University of Zambia. Mr. Elemu brings to the program a strong background in social science research, and has participated in a number of research studies, particularly those relating to HIV/AIDS, that have had major implications for ethics and the protection of human subjects.

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