Basutli Ramontshonyana is currently working as the University of Botswana Institutional Review Board (UB IRB) Assistant Administrator at the Office of Research and Development (ORD), Research Ethics Unit. Basutli obtained her Bachelor of Arts in the Humanities in 2007 and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education in 2008 from the University of Botswana.


Basutli is responsible for preliminary coordination of the IRB ethics clearance a prerequisite for obtaining the Botswana research permit. This includes advising staff and students on IRB and Government research permit application guidelines and procedures; documentation of IRB records and retrieval of information as required; screening of protocols for completeness and determining types of review; and communicating with Principal Investigators. She also prepares IRB meeting schedules, organizes IRB meetings, workshops and takes minutes during IRB meetings, as well as providing any other relevant administrative requirements.


Before joining ORD, Basutli worked as an Intern Research Assistant for several externally and internally funded projects at UB which exposed her to proposal writing, study designs, data collection and analysis, conducting the informed consent process and translation of informed consent forms from English to Setswana (the commonly used local language) for nine months.


Basutli’s experience at ORD broadened her understanding of research and bioethics issues. She believes that the JH-Fogarty African Bioethics Training Program will further enrich her capacity and experience in research ethics, enabling her to embark on the scientific and ethical review research proposals of research involving human subjects, a task that she has not been performing. She is also hopeful that she will gain experience in writing and reviewing research and bioethics related articles. At the end of her training, she hopes to share the knowledge and skills gained both her colleagues at the research ethics unit, the university and Botswana as a whole through collaborative training, publishing, networking and presenting at both local and international conferences.

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