Mr. Oliver Mweemba

2012 Trainee

Mr. Mweemba is a lecturer in the Department of Public Health, in the School of Medicine at University of Zambia. He has a social science background and completed his Master of Philosophy in Health Promotion at the University of Bergen in Norway. He currently teaches health promotion, social medicine, and qualitative methods to both undergraduate and graduate students. He is also currently enrolled in doctoral studies with Leeds Metropolitan University, UK. His thesis focuses on the social construction of masculinity and male sexuality and the subsequent influence on vaginal microbicides acceptability.

Oliver has also been involved in HIV prevention research projects at both the national and international level, as a co-investigator and as a PI, many of which were multi-centers studies.  Other African country sites involved in the studies included Zambia, Uganda, Mozambique, South Africa, and Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. His most recent work aims “to determine the feasibility of conducting a microbicides trial of daily vaginal gel (HEC gel) and to inform the way adherence should be assessed.” He has also been a consultant on the Population Council’s study in Zambia on the impact of male circumcision on sexual behavior and condom use negotiations.

Mr. Mweemba has an interest in research ethics based on both his research and teaching experience. As a lecturer, Oliver often focuses on qualitative research methods, which demands extensive knowledge and continuous training in the field. While participating in the Johns Hopkins African Bioethics Training Program he hopes to continue to broaden his knowledge and skills in qualitative research as well as to evaluate new ways of effective public health communication.

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