Mr. Francis Masiye

2006 Trainee

Mr. Masiye received a Bachelor of Philosophy in Ethics from the Pontifical Urbania University through his studies at the Salvatorian Institute of Philosophy and Theology in Tanzania. Upon returning to his native Malawi, Mr. Masiye took a post as a secondary school teacher of History, Biblical Studies and Social Studies. Having also studied anthropology at the Salvatorian Institute, Mr. Masiye went on to work as a museum guide and research officer for the Chamare Cultural Museum at the Kunogi Cultural Center in Mua Mission, where he conducted anthropological research for two years.

Currently, Mr. Masiye is working towards a Master of Philosophy in Ethics while serving as an assistant research officer in the Bioethics Research Unit of the University of Malawi College of Medicine. The study he is involved in examines clinical research from an anthropological and bioethics perspective.

Mr. Masiye intends to come away from the Program with the tools and knowledge necessary to formulate codes of research ethics that fit African and Malawian research subjects in particular. Through imparting his knowledge to the students of bioethics at the Malawi College of Medicine, he will also work to incorporate ethics into African Anthropology.

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