Dr. Imelda Namagembe

2016 Trainee

Dr. Imelda Namagembe began her service as a medical officer in Uganda 25 years ago. After further training, in 2002 she became a consultant obstetrician and gynecologist at Mulago National Referral and Teaching Hospital. She also currently serves as Honorary Senior Lecturer at the School of Medicine, College of Health Sciences, Makerere University.

Her main areas of interest include service delivery in the clinical area of obstetrics and gynecology; training medical students (undergraduate and post-graduate); and promoting research in reproductive health issues and maternal fetal medicine. She has a keen interest in innovations to promote quality of care in obstetric and gynecological emergencies. Other areas of work include prevention and treatment of cervical cancer, advocating for prevention of obstetric fistulae, prevention and treatment of STIs/HIV, promoting family planning and addressing issues of gender-based violence, sexual abuse and rape.

She has supervised 13 students’ research at the master’s level and continually discusses research ideas with others as they go through their training. She interfaces with a number of researchers (students and faculty) when they are presenting their proposals for ethical approval as a member/vice chair for two research ethics committees: the School of Medicine Research/Ethics Committee (SOMREC) of Makerere University College of Health Sciences and the Mulago Research Ethics Committee (MUREC). She has actively participated in discussions on media aimed at improving maternal and newborn health care and engaged parliamentarians in some of those discussions. Imelda is the 2015 award winner for Best Performing Consultant at Mulago/Makerere University. Imelda is also a Rotarian, affiliated with the Rotary Club of Kyengera in Uganda, District 9211 and has participated in a number of activities to improve public health. One of their current projects is to construct a maternity centre, provision of safe water to a rural community, as well as supporting income-generating activities for youth.

Through the JH-Fogarty African Bioethics Training Program, Imelda’s goal is to become a better trainer of researchers/supervisors, clinicians and medical students. She also hopes her training will further support her in her research ethics committee work and in the development of ethics training policies for investigators. As part of her training, she is planning a project on ethics and emergency obstetric care research.