Dr. Dya Eldin Elsayed

2004 Trainee

Dr. Elsayed earned his diploma of medicine and surgery at the Medical Institute in Kiev, USSR and his MD (Community Medicine) at the University of Khartoum. His involvement in research ethics was pushed by the formation of a National Ethics Reviewing Committee in 2001, to which he was elected. As a member of then formed Committee, Dr. Elsayed has played an important role in determining the objectives of the committee and establishing the guidelines to enable the committee to successfully perform its jobs.

Dr. Elsayed now works for Alzaiem Alazhari University in Khartoum North, Sudan where he is Associate Professor of Community Medicine and Dean of the Faculty of Medical Technical Sciences. He teaches epidemiology and research and medical ethics for both undergraduate and graduated students. He is a member of ethics review committee at the university. With this committee he has helped organize seminars, give speeches, and lead discussions on research ethics. His main interests are with human rights, welfare, and human dignity safeguard.

Dr. Elsayed conducts research in medical and research ethics. He is an author of numerous articles on research and medical ethics. He publishes his works in local and international scientific journals. Recently he published a book entitled “Manual for Research Ethics”.

Dr. Elsayed hopes to infuse the importance of these ideas throughout his country and protect the rights of the people by being an active, contributing member of the new National Ethics Reviewing Committee.


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