Vol 4, Issue 3

December, 2009

The FABTP announces its 2010 one-year training partnership with the University of Botswana Office of Research and Development. Trainee Musonda Simwinga (2007) reports from the field on the findings of his practicum research study on the function of Community Advisory Boards in Zambia. The Newsletter announces the development of a new Collaborative FABTP website to encourage collaboration between institutions and trainees. Program Coordinator Joe Ali reports on the FABTP mini-reunion at the PRIM&R Conference “Advancing Ethical Review.”

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Vol 4, Issue 2

July, 2009

Trainee Nicola Barsdorf (2003) reports from the field about her practicum project which is a qualitative study of South African community’s perceptions of who should provide what to HIV Vaccine trial participants who seroconvert during the trial and she provides an update about her pursuit of a PhD at the University of Bergen, Norway. Trainee Derrick Elemu (2009) discusses who the JHU-FABTP training program allowed him to learn more about research ethics and how he will apply his knowledge in Zambia. Trainee Aminu Yakubu (2009) discusses his experience as a trainee and the content of his practicum project, “Research Ethics Committees in Nigeria: organizations, operations and needs”. The Newsletter discusses the arrival of 4 SARETI trainees and the content of the June training program.

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Vol 4, Issue 1

April, 2009

Trainee Olaniyi Taiwo (2006) reports from the field on the presentation of his practicum work at the International Association for Dental Research Conference in Florida and provides an update on his current work on the oral manifestations of HIV/AIDS. Readers are introduced to the 2009 trainees: Derrick Elemu (Zambia) and Aminu Yakubu (Nigeria). The Newsletter discusses the results of the 2009 FABTP Program Planning Meeting in Nairobi, Kenya which was held to discuss how FABTP can respond to research ethics training gaps in Africa.

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